Hat trick

New baby/toddler hats on my Etsy shop!
A genuine 70's pattern.
All hats are made of recycled fabrics from years gone by.

My lovely, lively model was kind enough to pose during his busy play in the sand box.
So in return he got a new yellow hat to change for when the old green one feels.. well, too green.

 Yellow hat
100% cotton
Pattern: my own



Last week at work, in this landscape. 
Amazingly beautiful sunsets over the riverbend.


Last night

Last night 
after the rain
The dark, heavy clouds still up in the sky.
The sun was going down 
pouring down thick yellow air.


Arctic Fox

Fabric: Napakettu 
by Aino-Maija Metsola for Marimekko.

I've had this Arctic Fox waiting for form and place for a few years now. It ended up lying on my couch as a pillow. It lights the whole living room up with it's bright colour.


Bamboo hat

for Baby O. (not really a baby anymore..)
Yarn: Blend Bamboo 
(70% bamboo, 30% cotton)
Pattern: My own variation of an 70's baby hat




Fairy forest

Imagine this: An ordinary pine forest with few birch trees here and there. Suddenly you come to a clearing full of Rhododendrons in bloom. It's like stepping into a tropical garden, only in reality, it's right next to the city centre in the North of Finland...



Beautiful summer evening by the sea shore and by a lake. Okay, it could have been warmer and I should have worn long pants instead of a short dress, but isn't it typically Finnish to wear not much at all just because it's July, no matter what the weather is!