Happy midsummer!

Photos taken just before midnight



These owls have flown into my Etsy shop
Hoot-hoot! Go get one for yourself!

A few new experiments:
A lace bracelet. I made double yarn out of used fruit bags - the ones you get for free when you by fruit or weggies, they are the see-through type, thin plastic. I crocheted it, melted and let it cool in shape around a tube. It turned out pretty much like what I'd hoped for. The plastic turns white when melted.

A bag out of an old shirt. Cut off the sleeves, armholes serve as handles.  Cut off the collar. Seam the bottom. That's it!


Zebra stripes and vintage spools

Spaghetti yarn is turning into a (shapeless) rug. I didn't expect it to be so straining to crochet super bulky yarn. It's really hard work! 

While resting my wrist, I finally executed my idea for the wooden, vintage thread spools. I screwed them on a board and brushed some glue on the threads to attach them to the spools. I wanted to leave the thread ends on to give the rack some colour. It's not on the wall yet, as I'm doing some changes in my sewing room and the rack will be hung on the wall a bit later.

Also, I made a necklace using a few meters of the spaghetti yarn, which is, in fact, sustainable yarn made from offcuts of new fashion garments!

There's also a few new items on my Etsy shop.


Mozzie attack

Without exception it's always magically beautiful on this beach.
Only this time it was a bit crowded. Not with people (there were none. Wise people, I must say!), but with mosquitoes (see photos 1&8). It was nearly impossible to get a shot without capturing those angry creatures on them or to have a steady hand for two seconds. It was a nightmare to get there and back. But it was worth the frustration, itch and annoyance. 
I'm going back on a windy day.


It's official. It's summer!

Summer Mitts
Yarn: BC Garn Soft Silk, 100% silk.



... Not due to the weather. Not even close. I had to wear a thick pullover today to manage a couple of hours out. But that's Finnish summer! At least the snow is gone by now. But that's not why I'm writing this post.

I've been asked to run a workshop of 2 evenings. The first one is tomorrow. It's about using recycled materials for crafts and sewing. That's why I've been melting stuff.

 Little basket for little things that usually lie around in drawers, desktops etc.
Made out of 2 plastic bags: green and yellow.

2 small bags for make-up, jewellery, camera etc...
Made out of several colorful plastic bags and a zipper.
Both have 2 layers of plastic.