That's the colour of the season.
On needles: 10days sweater (Ravelry link) by Suvi Simola
It might take a bit more than just 10 days to finish it..


What makes a perfect weekend?

- Slow cycling around the lake that doesn't exist (could have been a lake if one of the neighbours didn't disagree). But don't get me wrong, the fields are nice, too.
- Landscape full of rich colours.
- Grandma's old bike which skips a cycle every now and then when you paddle. Hence the slow speed.
- Afternoon coffee outside in the sun.
- Great food on open fire in the evening, followed by sauna (wood heated, what a luxury!)
- To top it all, thick fog rolling in from the 'lake'.

I think this gets pretty close to being a perfect weekend.


Summer is opening doors to autumn.


New bunny in town

Remember Mr. Bunny?
He's now living here with Baby O. and his parents. He's enjoying the view from the window and the sunny weather and taking a nap every day. I must say that it's a nice place with a lot of character. Even on a rainy day!

Check out my lovely sister's blog (in Finnish only)!


Back after 8 years part II

What a great trip to Southern Finland! I miss being there already.
I did some good yarn shopping, too. But the best purchase was a wool winder. I might have gotten a bit carried away when I got back home..


Back after 8 years

Lovely Sunday, late summer, coffee, familiar places.


Paws Pants

My childhood favourite Pasi (Paws) inspired these jeans for baby O.
Made out of old second hand jeans.

Baby O. also gets a square beanie.