Summertime begins

Color Affection (Ravelry link)
by Veera Välimäki
Yarn: BC Garn Soft Silk

* * *

This weekend it was time to advance clocks. (I've never really understood the point of daylight saving time.. it just makes it even harder to wake up the next day..) Anyway, it meant that summer was getting closer. Also, for a few weeks it has looked like what you'd expect in springtime: The sun has been shining, snow melting, even birds have moved back from warmer climates and have been chirping in the mornings. I felt it was about time I started knitting a more summery scarf.

So I finished the scarf, which turned out.. em.. how should I put it.. enormous. Long enough to wrap around your neck several times. That might be a good thing, though, considering the Finnish summer, which more or less could be colder than winter in most countries..

Bearing that in mind, the turn in the weather didn't really come as a surprise. Snowflakes as big as handkerchiefs floated down turning everything white again. But it doesn't matter. I'll keep warm with my new scarf.


Treasure hunt

I've had an idea for a while 
and now I think I can put it into effect 
because I found some old wooden spools
in grandma's sewing box..


Mad as a hatter

Today the snow has been falling down from the roofs.
And I have been falling behind with my homework for a course, 
because I've been "mad as a hatter" instead.. trying to find the perfect form for a hat.
You'd think there's nothing easier than a simple hat!

  Hat #1: Too long, too loose, too colourful.
All of those easily fixed, but didn't bother..
Material: Recycled shirt

Hat #2 A bit too short 
(didn't have enough fabric, 
hence the band on different shade of red in the hem), 
a tiny bit too wide on top, but getting there. Wearable.
The next one will be perfect.
Material: some scrap fabrics

As if I didn't already have enough hats..


Japanese - Danish

Danish(?) retro fabric

Japanese overall dress pattern
by Yoshiko Tsukiori

a stay at home dress?
Hmm... The fabric is very cute, 
but is it something to wear in public..?

Recycled curtains,
lace from a thrift shop


Return to the abandoned island

First time on skis this winter.
I did use them a couple of weeks back to hold a tarp over me 
when I slept in the snow.
But this time I was ON skis, not UNDER them.

Sun shining, warm winter day (+4°C),
tea with butter bun hot from the oven.

The island was intriguing as usual.
Some things had changed since last winter
A storm had done some damage on trees
and the buildings had decayed a bit more
but the same feeling of a forgotten place still exists.
Should go there more often..



Aurora spotting, again. 
This time it wasn't as spectacular as it was two weeks ago, 
but definitely worth standing out for an hour in the -8°C and deep snow.
I was afraid I'd get stuck in the snow as my feet sank deep in the snow every step I took.
But I didn't.
Time to have a cup of tea and go to bed.

Good night!



A few days off, spent with dear friends ♥

Sunny days,
spring is on its way.



A lovely surprise from Anja arrived a couple of days ago. 
Thank you! 
You can find these rings and loads more on Ladushki shop

Also something new in my shop
See details and more photos there!