Summertime begins

Color Affection (Ravelry link)
by Veera Välimäki
Yarn: BC Garn Soft Silk

* * *

This weekend it was time to advance clocks. (I've never really understood the point of daylight saving time.. it just makes it even harder to wake up the next day..) Anyway, it meant that summer was getting closer. Also, for a few weeks it has looked like what you'd expect in springtime: The sun has been shining, snow melting, even birds have moved back from warmer climates and have been chirping in the mornings. I felt it was about time I started knitting a more summery scarf.

So I finished the scarf, which turned out.. em.. how should I put it.. enormous. Long enough to wrap around your neck several times. That might be a good thing, though, considering the Finnish summer, which more or less could be colder than winter in most countries..

Bearing that in mind, the turn in the weather didn't really come as a surprise. Snowflakes as big as handkerchiefs floated down turning everything white again. But it doesn't matter. I'll keep warm with my new scarf.