Skiing in the sun

I was not planning to go skiing. Actually, quite the contrary. But this morning I found myself packing  my camera along with some sausages, pastry, coffee, milk, sugar, and thinking about bringing also bread and some juice. Then I thought to myself that it's not ONLY about eating, and left the bread and juice at home. But it tells a lot about what's important when I go skiing. It was my first time on skis this winter.

It was a gorgeous, sunny day, +1°C but quite windy. I went to the island again, my favourite place to ski in. You might recognize the buildings from previous posts (here and here). I enjoy the atmosphere of the deserted, abandoned buildings, and, of course, the moment to sit down by the fire to fry sausages and sip hot coffee.

I'm glad I changed my plans for today!


Happy feet

Here's my feet for the challenge introduced here
(found through Hupsistarallaa). 


Bread and yarn

Sweetpotato bread:
400g mashed sweet potato
1/2 tea spoons salt
2 dl rye flour
1 1/2 dl wheat flour
15 minutes

I took part in a yarn swap and received an amazing package of yarn.
I've been wanting to order some nice yarn from Pickles for a while now, but haven't done it yet and now I don't have to! 
A nice Norwegian knitter (whom I've never met or even heard of before) knew exactly what kind of yarn I wanted and sent me a whole lot, accompanied with a pattern for leg warmers, to my astonishment, as I was planning on knitting leg warmers as my next project! How amazing is that!
Thank you so much, Catrine! Your yarn will be on its way soon!


Wall art

Awhile ago I came across ixxi. Such a cool idea they've come up with! I made an order for a present and as soon as it was up on the wall I knew I had to get one for myself. Now, the decision on which photo(s) to choose is a lot more difficult..