Skiing in the sun

I was not planning to go skiing. Actually, quite the contrary. But this morning I found myself packing  my camera along with some sausages, pastry, coffee, milk, sugar, and thinking about bringing also bread and some juice. Then I thought to myself that it's not ONLY about eating, and left the bread and juice at home. But it tells a lot about what's important when I go skiing. It was my first time on skis this winter.

It was a gorgeous, sunny day, +1°C but quite windy. I went to the island again, my favourite place to ski in. You might recognize the buildings from previous posts (here and here). I enjoy the atmosphere of the deserted, abandoned buildings, and, of course, the moment to sit down by the fire to fry sausages and sip hot coffee.

I'm glad I changed my plans for today!

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