Aurora again!

Ah, my heart was bleeding tonight. 
I had two meetings while nature was having a feast. 
Running from one meeting to another, already late, 
I couldn't help but steal 5 minutes for capturing this.
I wish I could have stayed out longer..
But even during that short time nature showed it's best, again.
There's something breathtaking about these lights.
This time it was even more spectacular than last year.
Funny, almost exactly one year ago.


Loads of...

Last week I enjoyed a cup of coffee in a cosy, little café.
They had crochet art on the wall.
They had a huge selection of teas and coffees to choose from.
Since then, I've drank tiramisu coffee in the mornings and rhubarb-mango tea in the evenings.
I'm drinking more tea these days.

Yesterday I found out that their tea and coffee is sold in the local supermarket, too.

New bourettesilk yarn will be cast on soon.

It's snowing again. This time I hope it won't mean a waist-high snowdrift at the door like on Sunday.


Black and white

made of Marimekko fabric scraps.
Two for my sister, one for myself.
* * *
After years of looking for adult size Original by Lahtiset -felt boots I found out that I don't need the adult size. My feet actually fit in childrens' size felt boots. These felt boots are the most traditional type of Finnish winter boots and I didn't need to think about whether to buy them or not. I love them! For that reason it's a bit sad that the -30 degree days are over. I'm a week or two late.. But I'm sure there'll be enough winter days for me to wear them.


Breakfast at Frost's

Breakfast is served here.

Anything else you'd like?


New scarf

The age of brass and steam kerchief (in Ravelry)
by Orange Flower
Yarn: Malabrigo Silky Merino

Fun and easy to knit - a lot easier than remembering the name of it!


* * *

This is nothing compared to today's cold record in Northern Finland, -40.7°C, but it was a good, crispy morning here as well. After work I had some time on my hands, because the timer of the heater for my car hadn't worked at all.. While waiting for the engine to warm up a bit I took a stroll in the neighbourhood. Luckily, I had brought a few extra layers with me.

At home I put the kettle on and had some spicy tea to warm up. Just as I'd finished off, I realized that I have to go out again. It's the second round of the presidential election and I think the only proper way to go to the polling stations is to go on foot. That's how I've always done it. There's something grand about doing it like that. So, got my warm sweater, winter pants, down jacket, two beanies, two wool scarves and two pairs of mittens and the warmest snow boots with wool socks and gaiters on and went out again, cast my vote and returned home. Now I have some time knit before going to a meeting in the evening. I think I might walk there..


Back to knitting

After a few weeks of crocheting, I'm back to knitting.


Feels like winter

Daylight is still hard to catch these days.
But today I liked the sunrise and sunset more.