Slow skiing in the sun

Boy, it was warm! Unlike on previous skiing trips, today there was no wind at all, the temperature was just below zero and the sun was shining. The island was really quiet in the morning, I had the whole place to myself. I zig-zagged in the forest, skied past the familiar buildings, and enjoyed a cuppa in the sun. By the time I got back, the shoreline was buzzing with people skiing, snow-shoeing, ice-fishing and walking. Snow-mobiles were driving around (which really spoils the atmosphere) and the parking lot was packed. Good thing I woke up so early this morning.



Luxy Legwarmers (pattern by Pickles)
Yarn swap yarn from Norway:
Pickles Cashmerino silk (74% merino, 18% silk, 8% casmere)
Pickles Silk mohair (20% silk, 80 % mohair)
Bubble stitch

First one ready.

There's still winter left to wear these!


New trail

Back on the island again. I can't seem to get enough of exploring the abandoned island. Yesterday I went all the way to the other end of the island for the first time. And found more buildings. It's such an amazing place. I wonder what it was like when the island was habited and bustling with life..


Winter at its best: Skiing in the sun

The day after the Aurora night was sunny, but quite cold. I had a day off, so I headed skiing on ice. Around the deserted island I spotted a building I hadn't seen before.
The wind was really cold, but I managed to find a perfect spot on the shore where the air stood still. After having a snack I closed my eyes, and oddly, it felt like summer. The sun was really warm, and all I could hear was the wind and some birds singing. Until a snowmobile drove by.. that took the summer feeling away. 
This is winter at its best!


Winter at its best: Aurora

Last night coming home from a concert I saw people walking ahead of me looking up to the sky. I first thought they were looking at a comet or something. Then I looked for myself and changed my plan for the rest of the evening. I tried to think fast, where could I find a spot not too far from home with as little artificial light as possible, and with an open view to the sky.
There's an old road a few K's from home which goes between two fields. That's where I headed with my camera and tripod. It was FREEZING in the wind. I managed an hour in the cold but then had to leave to defrost my frozen fingers. These were the first really glowy Aurora this winter. I wish it had been Earth Hour and everyone had turned off their lights! Maybe another show next weekend?


What a week!

This week
* I've bought wooden sandwiches for 20 euros from a 4-year-old shop keeper.
* I've celebrated a 10-year-old birthday boy.
* I've met with very dear friends.
* I've been to a craft fair and bought some threads and supplies and a bar of hand-made soap.
* I've sang and played with a 1-year-old.
* I've caught a cold with fever and hence stayed in bed for 3 days.
* I've slowly recovered and went for a little skiing trip (just to enjoy a cup of coffee in the sun).
* We've had a blizzard which caused a lot of traffic accidents.
* We've had gorgeous, sunny days with freezing wind.

The week was full of life with ups and downs.
Today I've just been knitting.