Winter at its best: Aurora

Last night coming home from a concert I saw people walking ahead of me looking up to the sky. I first thought they were looking at a comet or something. Then I looked for myself and changed my plan for the rest of the evening. I tried to think fast, where could I find a spot not too far from home with as little artificial light as possible, and with an open view to the sky.
There's an old road a few K's from home which goes between two fields. That's where I headed with my camera and tripod. It was FREEZING in the wind. I managed an hour in the cold but then had to leave to defrost my frozen fingers. These were the first really glowy Aurora this winter. I wish it had been Earth Hour and everyone had turned off their lights! Maybe another show next weekend?


  1. Wau, ootpa onnistunut saamaan komeat kuvat! Itsekin noita ihailin mutta en jaksanut lähteä etsimään sopivaa kuvauspaikkaa katuvalojen ulottumattomissa.

    1. Kiitos Nasti!
      Kävi kyllä tuuri, että löytyi sopiva paikka ja aikaakin oli. Kylmää touhua se vain on!