Years back I had a friend for a visit from another country. We were driving in the countryside. She was laughing thinking about a person asking directions on the phone somewhere in the countryside. "It's the red house with white window frames right next to the bus stop, which has a red and white shelter." I suppose it could be any house pretty much anywhere in the Finnish countryside...


Cool signs

To London and Sveden.

 Children playing. And a cat, apparently.. And Pippi.

Dear dog..

Snälla hund!
Båtbyggaren blir 
ledsen då han trampar 
i din bajslort då han 
hämtar posten.
Bajsa längre bort!





Las lomas and Super Wax Mama

The whole winter I've been going to pattern course and finally I can show what I've accomplished: 
My 'Super Wax Mama' sleeveless dress. It fits perfectly and I love the pattern of the fabric! I got the fabric about 5 years ago from Tanzanian guests. There was just about enough of it to match the prints. Now I'll just have to wait for the snow to melt and weather to warm up also in Finland!

This will explain the name of the dress:

* loma = holiday in Finnish, hill/suburb in Spanish *

Back home...

This time the city felt somehow smaller. Funny, because I travelled further west and further east than what I've done before. A lot had changed since my last visit 10 years ago. But all the familiar places and the atmosphere were still there. I won't wait another 10 years to go back.