Year 2010

Year 2010

January: Cold, great winter!

February: Camping and testing new sleeping bag. Kept me nice and warm even in -20°C.

March: Venice in snow.

April: Spring is coming!

May: Unexpected 28°C for a week. Still a huge pile of snow at the parking plot..

June: Sisters' trip to Warsaw, Poland...

...and midsummer in Sweden.

July: Camping...

...and travelling in Sweden, 

France and...


 August: Camping again!

September: Birthday party in Austria!

October: First snow!

November: Last camping trip of the year.

 December: After a busy month at work, Christmas and New Year with family and friends!

* * *

Thanks, you all, for following Frostbites this year!
Hope to see you next year, too!

Happy New Year!



Our Christmas is filled with traditions. A lot of them have something to do with food.

Just like before, after a few meals of Christmas food, we headed to the snowy forest, set up the fire and had some sausages. Despite the frozen feet eating out was a welcome change!

And, as usual, on Christmas day the old oven was heated up. Pizza dough was rising (nearly all the way upstairs, as someone put it), and in no time 11 pizzas were baked and eaten (well, almost all was eaten, and the leftovers carefully labelled to ensure that no-one lost their own).

Between the meals there was plenty of time to enjoy each other's company, play games, go to sauna, and go for a walk or a kicksled ride..



With a little help from my "neighbour" I'm finally wrapping Christmas presents. Sorry, can't tell you more..



"Viili (Longmilk, Finnish viili, Swedish fil) is a type of yoghurt (a mesophilic fermented milk) that originated in the Nordic countries. It has a ropy, gelatinous consistency and a sour taste resulting from lactic acid." (Wikipedia)

I don't buy often longmilk, but when I do, I use it as a starter for a whole batch of longmilk. This homemade longmilk tastes nicer (less sour) than the industrial ones and is very easy to make: Just mix 1-2 spoonfuls of longmilk with about a cup of milk, cover it and leave on the table for about 24 hours. When ready, keep refridgerated.
Enjoy with berries, cinnamon, sugar, or like I do: just on its own.


In a fairytale

It's overwhelmingly beautiful.
Frosty trees.
(And of course, the photos don't do justice.)

Each time I've gone out today or looked through a window it feels like we're living in a fairytale.


Coffee and Drops update

A while ago I started knitting Drops yarn. The purple project is nearly finished, I just need to buy new needles to finish it up. Meanwhile something else in progress... Will show the finished work later..

I've also made a bigger wallet out of a smaller recycled coffee bag.

The old coin purse is still in use for coins. It fits nicely inside the new one.

After buying some oranges I noticed that the prize tag had gotten stuck on my wallet. It doesn't come off.. But in a way it goes with the recycled look.


Talvi -- Winter

Nature is asleep. It's tranquil and silent.
Face freezes sometimes so that it's difficult to say anything. 
We are forced to be quiet, too.

To better see the subtle hues,
to better hear the quiet song the frozen trees are singing.