Something simple

After a sweater (still unfinished) and two beanies with cables I needed something brainless to knit. Simple stripes in simple socks. Yes, we've seen them, but let's admit, Mr. Noro knows his colour palette. No counting (other than changing the colour every 3 rows) required. A perfect conversation knit, that is. You know, what I mean? Even an engaging conversation wouldn't slow down the knitting.

And on top of that, this project inspired an 8-year-old boy start learning to knit. So, having a conversation with the mother I kept on knitting my sock and teaching her son how to knit on his short and colourful kids' needles. And, of course, keeping an eye on his little project, trying to help him avoid losing too many stitches. I think he did surprisingly well. And so did I - I'd left one of my needles home.. talk about brainless!

First one's finished. Then comes the most difficult part. Matching the colours for the other one.



Vappu beanies design by Suvi Simola.
In brown for my sister.

In mauve for myself (Ravelry link).
Yarn: Cascade Heathers 220.

And yes, it's been snowing today!!! Hooray!


Soon, real soon..?

Yesterday the first few snowflakes fell down. It'll take a few more to create a scenery like this. The clip was filmed in February last year. I was not able to upload it on blogger back then, but this makes a good video for dreaming of whiter days.



What a week (not that it's over yet) it has been. I haven't spent much time at home. Two nice surprises were waiting me when I got home today. My order from Ladushki had arrived! Lovely grey wool jacket. (Thank you, Anja!)

Then I found out that Ilu had been interviewed by Yle Puhe (in Finnish), and had mentioned my blog there. Wow. I don't know what to say about that. Most of the time I just write this blog to make notes for myself and it's very nice to have someone comment a post every now and then, not to mention ending up on someone's top 5 list! So thank you, Ilu!

Well, as I said, the week is not over yet, so I've got to run. Have a great weekend!


Bamboo Chocolate

I went a bit overboard with my shopping last week, but something nice came out of it.
I bought two wonderful books:
 Leikkipuistoneuleet - Playground knits 
by Tiina Huhtaniemi, Veera Välimäki, Suvi Simola, Tuulia Salmela, Mari Muinonen 
Kaikki lähti lapasesta - Hold your needles 
by Mari Muinonen and Suvi Simola.

As soon as I got home with the books (and a few new needles..) I started working on a beanie with soft chocolate colour bamboomix yarn. A nice knit with cables. I made the beanie a bit longer because my sister wanted it to be a bit loose.

Yarn: Panda / Lankatavara Kauhavan Kangas-Aitta (70%wool, 30%bamboo)
Pattern: Vappu by Suvi Simola
Made for my sister