Bamboo Chocolate

I went a bit overboard with my shopping last week, but something nice came out of it.
I bought two wonderful books:
 Leikkipuistoneuleet - Playground knits 
by Tiina Huhtaniemi, Veera Välimäki, Suvi Simola, Tuulia Salmela, Mari Muinonen 
Kaikki lähti lapasesta - Hold your needles 
by Mari Muinonen and Suvi Simola.

As soon as I got home with the books (and a few new needles..) I started working on a beanie with soft chocolate colour bamboomix yarn. A nice knit with cables. I made the beanie a bit longer because my sister wanted it to be a bit loose.

Yarn: Panda / Lankatavara Kauhavan Kangas-Aitta (70%wool, 30%bamboo)
Pattern: Vappu by Suvi Simola
Made for my sister


  1. Maltan tuskin odottaa, että saan tuon päähäni! :)

  2. Ei mee kauaa enää :)