White and light

The project I've been waiting to start: 
Kimono-oh by Pickles.

I knew I wanted to knit the Kimono-oh as soon as I saw the first photo of the design on Instagram. And you can't imagine how many nights I spent looking at the yarn kits trying to decide which colour it should be. My initial choice would have been a bright colour, but I told myself to choose a more neutral one, just to be sure I can wear it for many years. So, white it is.
Will take a while to finish.


Oslo Anorak

I finished this warm and woolly knit just when it was about too hot to even think about knitting. 
Lovely pattern, fun to knit and the color combo just fell in place unintentionally. 

Pattern: Oslo Anorak by Pickles (ravelry link)
The pattern can be found here.
Purple: Cascade Heathers 100% wool
Green: Pirtin kehräämö karstalanka 100% wool

On the side, I knitted a quick baby hat for my new nephew.
Luckily, I had some cotton from Woolrocks' yarn swap waiting.

Pattern: Vauvan myssy by Novita (ravelry link)
Yarn: Drops Paris in 2 colours, 100% cotton.


No more winter

These photos are from last weekend. 
It's been snowing a couple of times in May after this, 
but I think it's fair to say the skiing days are over.