Foggy night

Tonight the fog was so thick it made familiar streets almost unrecognizable. I felt as if I was in a black-and-white movie or on the pages of an old photo album or in a weird painting.


Dance for autumn

I spent a long weekend with my sister and her family. The last of the yellow leaves were dancing around the streets on a windy day. We found a few geocaches, and I even found something useful from the fleemarkets for my sewing project which I'm working on on pattern course. Lovely weekend! Thank you, birthday girl!


Birds, dinos and elephants

Baby O. needed some bibs because in a few days it's time to start eating solids. And, naturally, every big boy needs a dino shirt and beanie in their wardrobe!


Colour therapy

Lacy Baktus (Ravelry link) in lime green Drops Alpaca got cast on last night. It'll go off to Colombia when finished. I'm knitting it in double yarn.

In addition to knitting tonight I made something for baby O. I'll post more pictures when I get my previous sewings photographed, too.


Frosty morning



320 years old.


Maple flowers

Nirppu taught me how to make these beautiful flowers using just colourful maple leaves and a piece of wire.




After a busy week full of scheduled work and hobbies I used wisely the only day off I had last week. Packed my bags hurriedly, picked up my friend and off we went. That was the end of schedules and rushing from one place to another.

All we had 



And starry night
- the amount of stars is unbelievable when there's no light pollution!

And great food
- on wood heated stove and on campfire.

There was nothing special to do
- which made it special.

Slow down, people! Make an effort to find even just a few hours to go out to the shore or to the forest or what ever you have near your home. And decide to do nothing.
That's my free advice for you (and for me) this week.