Fishing village

Two days of fresh autumn air in a tiny fishing village.


Wooden beads

This is a test piece.
New necklaces for sale in my Etsy shop.


Gifts for neighbours

These gifts were made for little miss Neighbour and little mister Neighbour in the fairytale house in Sweden. Hope they will be as much used as the previous gift dress which was still in use after 2 years!


Large-scale knitting

These are just a few examples of the amazing knit graffitis that Malmö knitters have created. There were more everywhere you looked! I couldn't help but think about our own rather heavy-built policeman who might like a layer or two against the harsh winds of the coming winter.. Might lift his spirits!

Toripolliisi, "The Bobby at the Marketplace" in Oulu


Visiting the neighbours II

1. Ane Brun on Malmö Festival
2. Malmö University
3. Lighthouse
4. Eat more bread!
5. Atlantis by Tea Mäkipää and Halldór Úlfarsson
6. Slottsparken
7. Fairytale house in the countryside


Visiting the neighbours I

1.-4. Copenhagen
5. Malmö side of the Öresund Bridge



Little Mr. O. made sure that this week was full of action.


Berries and fruit

Holiday as it should be. 
Fresh blueberries from the forest, 
gooseberries, raspberries and currants from the garden.
Throw in a few nectarines as well (from a shop).

I've baked pies and eaten some waffles in between.