I started a pattern course in the autumn. I've never had any lessons in sewing after primary and secondary school. Ok, only evening classes for one year, but it was more about just having something done rather than learning anything new. 
This time I'm really learning a lot! We have a fantastic teacher who really knows what she's talking about. Last week I missed the course because of work and am really looking forward to go there again this week.

We started with drawing a base pattern with everyone's individual measurements. Boy, did that require a lot of measuring! And a lot of concentration to understand why each line was drawn where. It was not easy - and I've really been using and looking at a fare share of patterns in my life!

Then we made a test garment for fitting. Even before doing any adjustments it fitted better than any garment I've worn before. 

Trying to decide on what sort of garment to do was hard. But when I made my mind up on which fabric to use, the model was easily decided. Here's the first sketch.. which has already changed a bit..

Practicing on small scale:

Then in actual size (but no more practicing..):

And finally tonight I washed the fabric, which I received as a gift from Tanzania a few years back. It's printed cotton.

To be continued...

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