What a week!

This week
* I've bought wooden sandwiches for 20 euros from a 4-year-old shop keeper.
* I've celebrated a 10-year-old birthday boy.
* I've met with very dear friends.
* I've been to a craft fair and bought some threads and supplies and a bar of hand-made soap.
* I've sang and played with a 1-year-old.
* I've caught a cold with fever and hence stayed in bed for 3 days.
* I've slowly recovered and went for a little skiing trip (just to enjoy a cup of coffee in the sun).
* We've had a blizzard which caused a lot of traffic accidents.
* We've had gorgeous, sunny days with freezing wind.

The week was full of life with ups and downs.
Today I've just been knitting.

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  1. Kaunista, varsinkin tuo ensimmäinen kuva on lumoava :) Aurinkoista alkavaa viikkoa sinulle.