Winter at its best: Skiing in the sun

The day after the Aurora night was sunny, but quite cold. I had a day off, so I headed skiing on ice. Around the deserted island I spotted a building I hadn't seen before.
The wind was really cold, but I managed to find a perfect spot on the shore where the air stood still. After having a snack I closed my eyes, and oddly, it felt like summer. The sun was really warm, and all I could hear was the wind and some birds singing. Until a snowmobile drove by.. that took the summer feeling away. 
This is winter at its best!


  1. Kylläpä tulee kaipuu metsäretkelle! Jospa ensi viikonloppuna.. Aurinko suorastaan häikäisee silmiä ensimmäisessä kuvassa. B)

  2. Metsäretket on kyllä huippuja! Maanantai oli tosi aurinkoinen päivä. Piti kaivaa aurinkolasitkin naftaliinista.