A dream come true

Ordinary Tuesday.
I was driving home from work around 8 pm - was probably singing to myself in the car like I do - when I looked up and saw something greenish against the dark sky.
A U R O R A !
I couldn't drive the last 500 meters home but instead parked my car and was so thankful that for once I had my camera with me! No tripod, though, but it didn't matter. For years I've dreamed of photographing the Aurora.

I eventually drove home, put on some more clothes, took the tripod and headed back. The last three pictures were taken literally on my doorstep. What more can one hope on an ordinary Tuesday?


  1. woow woow woow!!!! No words... I hope to see it one day!

  2. Well, you know where to come for it! It's just a bit of a challenge to actually see them. They appear from nowhere and in 30 mins they might be gone.

    I always thought the Aurora would appear when it's cold, but tonight it was only -4°C.

  3. mahtavat kuvat!! Tuli vaan mieleen että en kyllä muista koska täällä olisi revontulia viimeksi nähty, mahtaa olla aika monta vuotta siitä.

  4. Kiitos, Inkeroinen!
    Joku tiesi kertoa, että n. joka 11 vuosi näkyy revontulia. Itse muistan nähneeni viimeksi -98 tai -99, joten aika hyvin tuntuu pitävän paikkansa.