A blue tit and a bohemian waxwing in the garden.
These guys were not the ones keeping me awake, though.

I couldn't go to bed until I was half way making this scarf. The next day I ran out of yarn. Drove to the shops to get another ball. None of them had this type (of course not) and the shop where I had bought it before had closed just an hour ago..
So I decided to use a different dye which I had for the other half. 
I was nearly finished when I noticed I had done all the decreasings wrong. So I had to unravel the day's work, and again it was night time. But I couldn't stop until I'd finished the whole thing. It always pays off to unravel and do things over when something goes wrong. At least if you are one of the perfectionists like I am. Fortunately it's an easy pattern and knits fast.

Basic triangle scarf
Pattern: Word of mouth by the local craft shop keeper
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden Lite, two different dyes

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