What makes a perfect weekend?

- Slow cycling around the lake that doesn't exist (could have been a lake if one of the neighbours didn't disagree). But don't get me wrong, the fields are nice, too.
- Landscape full of rich colours.
- Grandma's old bike which skips a cycle every now and then when you paddle. Hence the slow speed.
- Afternoon coffee outside in the sun.
- Great food on open fire in the evening, followed by sauna (wood heated, what a luxury!)
- To top it all, thick fog rolling in from the 'lake'.

I think this gets pretty close to being a perfect weekend.

1 comment:

  1. Absolutely!
    Hienoja otoksia jälleen. Tuosta ei tosiaan viikonloppu parane! Tunnelman voi aistia hyvin kuvista. :)