Mozzie attack

Without exception it's always magically beautiful on this beach.
Only this time it was a bit crowded. Not with people (there were none. Wise people, I must say!), but with mosquitoes (see photos 1&8). It was nearly impossible to get a shot without capturing those angry creatures on them or to have a steady hand for two seconds. It was a nightmare to get there and back. But it was worth the frustration, itch and annoyance. 
I'm going back on a windy day.


  1. Voi miten kaunis kuvasarja! Paitsi tuo kamala hyttyskuva...

    p.s. Kurkkasin tuotteitasi Etsyssä. Kivoja!

  2. Kiitos!
    Joo, ne hyttyset oli kamalia. Niitä oli MILJOONIA.

    Etsyyn on tulossa lähiaikoina ihan uutta, matsku loppui vain kesken parhaimman tuotantoputken.. Kannattaa siis pysyä kuulolla!