Zebra stripes and vintage spools

Spaghetti yarn is turning into a (shapeless) rug. I didn't expect it to be so straining to crochet super bulky yarn. It's really hard work! 

While resting my wrist, I finally executed my idea for the wooden, vintage thread spools. I screwed them on a board and brushed some glue on the threads to attach them to the spools. I wanted to leave the thread ends on to give the rack some colour. It's not on the wall yet, as I'm doing some changes in my sewing room and the rack will be hung on the wall a bit later.

Also, I made a necklace using a few meters of the spaghetti yarn, which is, in fact, sustainable yarn made from offcuts of new fashion garments!

There's also a few new items on my Etsy shop.


  1. Huippu naulakko! Mahtava idea. Ja tuo zeeprakuosi... Hieno! ;) Nyt olet saanut näköjään myös materiaalit siihen, mitä täällä käydessäsi suunnittelit. Kauniita.