Laidasta laitaan -- From One End to Another

Alkuvuosi on mennyt vauhdilla kiitäessä paikasta toiseen. Lapista Helsinkiin, hotellista telttaan, paukkupakkasesta räntäsateeseen. Nyt kaikki on asettunut sopivasti siihen väliin.

The start of the year has gone by fast. I've been speeding from one place to another. From Lapland to Helsinki, from a hotel to a tent, from freezing cold winter day to horrible sleet and rain. But now life seems to have settled nicely somewhere in between.


  1. Hei tätäkin kautta! Onpa sulla IHANA blogi!

  2. Anonymous23/2/09 00:37

    that's my picture - the first one!!! gosh, we were on the road a lot!!!

  3. Kiitos, Savu!

    And Anonymous, I'm afraid it's not your picture. I took it while you were em.. buying chocolate :) Yours was pretty similar, but taken through the car window - this is not.
    Thanks for the great time!!
    hugs, miss Boss :)