Maatuskamekko -- Matryoshka dress

Vihdoin taas ompelusten kimpussa! Kummityttö täyttää vuoden, joten oli hyvä syy ryhdistäytyä. Pienensin JUJU-kirjan maatuskamekon kaavan sopivammaksi pikkuprinsessalle. Suurin päänvaiva oli jälleen oikean kangasyhdistelmän päättämisessä.
Materiaalina vanhoja pussilakanoita ja lakanoita.

It was about time! It's been several months since I've last sewn something. My god-daughter turns one and that gave me the perfect reason to cut the silence (and the old sheets).
The end result is this cute matryoshka dress.


  1. Hieno!
    Onnistuneet kangasvalinnat!

  2. wowowow
    where did you find the model? or is it your own? Impressively well done...

  3. Kiitos, Mari!

    Anja, Thanks :) The pattern is from "JUJU - erilainen lastenvaatekirja" by Mari Savio and Kati Rapia. It's the best book ever!! It's full of inspirational pics and simple patterns for children's clothing. All the models are made out of recycled material. Unfortunately it's in Finnish. But you would love it!
    You can find it e.g. in here (in Finnish): http://www.wsoy.fi/index.jsp?c=/product&isbn=951-0-32791-3

  4. Oh, thank you for the book tips :-) It sound really interesting. I think I will buy one :-), the language of patterns is international, or maybe I could ask you if I don´t understand :-)))) Do you know if they can send it abroad? I tried to look at the english version, but it didn´t say anything.

  5. Anonymous16/4/09 22:08

    Ompa kaunis mekko!! ;) N1