Back then...

I've spent a long weekend with good friends. We go way back. At some point we lived quite close to each other, but for years there's been a 4 hour trip between us. Even though we don't see each other that often, we can pick up from where we left the last time.

"I am your friend", said the 2-year-old when I arrived. Friends, young and old, are a blessing. The little ones are great because they say exactly what they mean. We could (and should) learn from them.

These clothes are a small percentage of all the clothes I've made for my little friends during the past years. They weren't photographed earlier, because some of them were made at a time when you had to count your photos carefully - which 24 moments are worth photographing? 

Last summer a 10-year-old was really amazed when she heard about that sort of "limit". "Why didn't you just upload them on your computer after you'd taken all your 24 photos??" Then: "What's a film spool?" How do you explain a negative then? Or developing  a film..? As much as I love the possibility of snapping hundreds of photos without thinking, there was something special about going to the shop, then once outside opening the envelope to see how your photos had turned up... That was exciting!

Anyway (sorry about the off-topic rambling), 
The football bag proved to be large enough to carry all the essential gear:


  1. <3 Niin samaa mieltä tuosta jutun jatkumisesta näkemistauon pituudesta huolimatta. Ja Janin vitsitkin on ihan samat vuodesta toiseen, miten turvallista... :)
    ps. Voin laittaa niitä muitakin aiempia vaatteita sivuun, kunhan vastaan tulevat.

  2. Baklava :D Buahaha!
    Joo, se on turvallista tosiaan. Hyvä, kun elämässä on pysyviäkin asioita :)