Wall embroidery

Another Pinterest-inspired project: Washi-tape wall embroidery on a magnetic board in sewing room.
The pattern is based on traditional Carelian soul bird embroidery and knit patterns. I wanted it to be something traditional with a link to my roots. My granddad was born and raised in Carelia and had to leave his home at a young age, when the area was evacuated during war. That is also where my profile name comes from - not just from my love for winter, but also from my family. It's a direct translation of my grandparents' last name.


  1. Aivan mahtava! Ja hienoja ideoita nuutenkin taulussa. Tuosta valokuvasta kaikki taisi lähteä... ;)

    1. Kiitos, Nirppu! Oikeassa olet, valokuvan tilanteesta se lähti :)