Last of winter?

This year Easter was what I call perfect winter.
Sunny days, mild temperatures, snow, skiing, ice road to the island..

During Easter I got a chance to try out a pair of new kind of skis. I LOVED them and decided that now was the time to invest on something to keep me on the move. The OAC KAR skis combine the best qualities of snowshoes, telemark skis and backcountry skis. These ones are handmade in Finland.

Mindblowing experience! Revolutionary!

You can read more about them here. Now I'm just sad that it looks like skiing conditions are soon coming to an end.

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  1. Näppärännäköiset menopelit nuo sukset. :) Onneksi talvi tulee joka vuosi! Ihanan puhtaita, valoisia ja raikkaita kuvia.