So, here I am again. My biggest hurdle seems to be the photos. I'd like to have nice, good quality photos, but I'm too lazy to take my camera out and even more lazy to upload them on my computer. So, for the time being, you'll have to bear with my poorer quality mobilephone photos.

In autumn I started making a dress pattern at pattern course and slowly progressed into sewing it, too. Today I made the last stitches by hand. It's an Orla Kiely inspired wool dress. Those pleats were a nightmare to get into place. I have sewn and re-sewn them at least 5 times. They still don't quite match in the centre, but at least the seam is at the right spot and angle now, so I'm quite happy with it.


  1. Tervetuloa takaisin! Kaunis ja persoonallinen mekko, nyt vasta saan käsityksen kunnolla vaikka näin sen livenä. Hyvää työtä jälleen!