One more scarf and some lace

This scarf is a true traveller's scarf. It's travelled from Finland to Spain and back, then to Estonia and Latvia. I run out of yarn, but luckily found one more skein at home.. but it wasn't enough. There were just a few rows left and I had to use two short bits that had been cut off earlier. Even that wasn't enough. I didn't want to unravel half of the scarf just to make it a tiny bit shorter, so I sent an e-mail to the yarn shop Lumoava lanka. I was a bit worried, because I had found the yarn in a sale basket some months back in winter. They replied with good news: they had 18 grams left! So today I went to pick the yarn up and was finally able to finish my project. 
Thanks, Lumoava Lanka for your excellent service!!

Very basic triangle scarf
Yarn: SWTC - Karaoke (50% soysilk®, 50% wool)

New project: Lace shawl/scarf. First time knitting lace and the start was a pain. I had to unravel an redo the first rows (with 363 stiches) 4 times until I got the hang of it. Now struggling with nupps... But I won't give up.

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