Refilling the stock: Estonia

I've been away for work for a couple of days in Estonia and Latvia. It was also a good chance to refill the yarn and fabric stock.

Suur Munamägi is the highest peak in the Baltic states. You get a good view over the Haanja upland from the observation tower and after the climb you can treat yourself with a skein of 100% Estonian wool.


Võru is a small city in Southern Estonia. I found some really nice and soft, dyed linen for a good price.


Our final stop in Estonia was the university city of Tartu. My colleagues told me they'd walked past a large fabric shop which had a 50%-off sale. I couldn't miss that, could I? In fact, I went there twice. 

I bought some basic stuff: interfacings, pins, chalk, blind zippers...

... and brown linen.

On the second time at the counter I asked if they knew if there was a yarn shop in Tartu. "Upstairs" was the answer. Oh, boy. 

From Tartu we drove to Riga, Latvia. Good time to do some knitting while mobilizing my colleagues.

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  1. todella kaunis vihreä lanka, ihan miun lempivärinen.