The finish line

Last autumn I started a new project at sewing/pattern course. On Tuesday we're having a "fashion show"with our group to show what we have done, not just this year, but over the time that we've been going to this course. I only started about 2 years ago, and have finished this dress and now I've been working on this coat (which felt like a never ending job), which is almost there, but not quite..

I've been trying to use as much recycled materials as possible. I've only bought new fabric for the lining and new buttons, because I didn't have enough similar buttons. Now I need to sew on the buttons, but need clear under buttons. So tonight, 2 days prior the fashion show I rummaged through my jars for 7 clear buttons which would be about the same size and shape, but was not able to find more than 2 that would be suitable. That was a good excuse to stop for the day. I'm quite excited, though, because I'm so close to finishing it. When I started making the pattern for the coat, I hoped to have the finished garment by the end of spring, but seeing how much there was to do I decided that my goal needs to be postponed for 6 months. If I'd have it ready for next Christmas, I'd be more than happy. But now it seems my first goal is in fact quite possible! Yay!

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