Spring or winter?

No, it's not dead.

I didn't know that brown bears eat grapes. That they LOVE to eat them. 
So if you're afraid you might encounter a bear when picking berries in the forest you might consider carrying clusters of grapes with you. They seem to prefer the dark ones. Although that might just lure them nearer.. 

I met these cute giants two days ago, in May, when it snowed heavily. How do I always end up to places with the worst weather? I still love winter and snow, but in May..? There's a limit in my love for winter, and I think it's way past that.. But I trust that the bears know that springtime is here, otherwise they would still be hibernating.

(The lynx is there just because I've never seen one before and wanted to show off!)


  1. Mahtavia kuvia! Ihana tuo karhun tassu. Pikkuisen erilainen keli kuin täällä ;)

  2. Kiitos, Nirppu!
    Karhut olivat kokonaisuutenakin tosi suloisia, suorastaan hämmentävän suloisia, kun ne myös ovat oikeasti petoja ja niin isoja.