Looking through the weather forecast last week, the destination with the worse weather seemed to be London. Rain, rain, showers, rain, rain. That was where I was going to travel.
The weatherman proved to be right. Having left my umbrella at home, I had to go and get a new one. The label read "wind proof". I don't know about that. It wasn't immune to the gusts of wind.. 
London was foggy, wet and cold, but never boring nor dull. It was fun to do all the first timer's things again, after so many years: to watch the stumping of the feet of the guards at Buckingham Palace, bear the crowds at Harrods, get confused about the traffic and eat fish'n chips and tea and scones.

And, in the end, the sun came up. Just before we had to leave home.


  1. Mielenkiintoisia kuvia :) Harmi, että ilmat eivät suosineet, mutta pääasia, että reissu oli onnistunut!

  2. Uusi sateenvarjo, lämmikkeeksi ostettu fleeceliivi lämpimät fish'n chipsit auttoivat sen, mikä ei asenteella korjaantunut!

  3. Anonymous17/5/12 13:54

    Wow! How wonderful suit cases, just how I would like to be at home;) Gotto get to London! And the Singer sewing machines, just like I HAVE at home nowdays;) Not working, though.
    Great blog you have!